As we believe that everything we consume becomes a part of us, we aim to provide luxurious mindful experiences and rooted rituals that are designed to evoke feelings of clarity, connectedness and tranquility to help elevate your spirit and empower you to embody your highest self.

With integrity and the purest form of respect towards all living beings, we strive to be intentional with our world and our surroundings, hence we create unique pieces that are ethically and consciously made of quality, value, longevity and sustainability.

Using only the highest quality fibers, materials, minerals and ingredients that Mother Nature provides for us, without doing harm, we strive to create our goods & garments in small quantities, to slow down the fast-paced industry, avoid mass factory production and help reduce the demand for fast buying choices.

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rooted rituals for an elevated consciousness . 

Carefully designed by our visionary founder Maja Antić, all our products are natural, vegan & high vibrational
uniquely handcrafted with you in mind, to support and empower your journey
of awakening, transforming & embodying your highest Self.

Made with the transformative healing power of nature.


Ethical . Sustainable . Timeless .

We believe wearing clothing is more than an accessory or a trend  but a ritual of transformation. It influences the way we feel and how we express ourselves in the world. With our high quality evolutionary garments we have an unwavering passion to empower you to embody your highest Self, everyday.

Our luxury womenswear brand is designed to evoke sensations of divinity. Designed by our founder Maja Antić, her vision of creation is inspired by the slow island life of Bali, Mother Nature and the embodiment of the divine feminine energy.

Uniquely handmade with love and intention in an ethical work environment, we craft our timeless garments together with a small family owned local business in Bali, where we deeply value the close relationship we have with our manufacture and are fully transparent about our partnership. 

Made to last a lifetime, our unique pieces are exclusively produced in small quantities, 100% natural, plant dyed, and eco-friendly. Tailored with premium fabrics such as; Hemp, Linen, Cotton & Organic Cotton.





Tranquility  .  Balance . Peace .

Designed to uplift your spirit, ignite your true purpose and to transform spaces into sanctuaries of connection our The Fire of Purpose Meditation Candle is uniquely handcrafted with loving intention and comforting Reiki energy to bring balance and harmony to body, mind, soul & spirit. 

Our signature candle is made out of 100% high-quality, natural & vegan soy wax infused with a grounding scent that ignite its aroma when lighting the candle. 

Made in small batches in our studio, every candle comes with a soothing audio - meditation to gift you a serene time to unwind and connect with yourself. 






Spirit lifting . Mood enhancing . Mind clearing . Space cleansing .

Designed to elevate your consciousness and underline your yoga, meditation or spiritual practices, our Sacred Rituals are the perfect complementary for your everyday routine. 

Venture into your own inner healing abilities by evoking a sense of purification, alignment and connection. Our sacred rituals hold high vibrational Reiki energy and 100% natural, ethically, sustainable and vegan. 

Choose from our variety of cleansing and uplifting smudging rituals or immerse yourself in one of our comprehensively created Ritual Boxes to cover your individual need.

Our Ritual boxes also work as a perfect gift for a special loved one.






 Align . Focus . Protect .

Engage in the various healing properties of our high vibrational, reiki infused & full moon charged Crystals.

Raw and 100% pure in their essence all our Crystals are of the highest quality and only treated for carving and shaping. Consciously sourced in an ethical work environment in Brazil, each gemstone is hand selected by us and as unique as YOU. 

Before infusing our gems with new vibrant and healing energy,  we make sure to clear any stagnant energy in al purifying and cleansing ceremony.