Maja Antić is the creative visionary behind the spiritual brand.

She is an initiated Spiritual Mentor,
Certified Meditation Teacher, Holistic Life Coach & Healing Expert.

Specialized in sustainable breakthroughs and impeccable transformative results. Her expertise is grounded in holistic healing that combines Spirituality, Meditation, inner child healing, proven and result driven Neuroscience & mindful embodiment practices. Her root cause approach uncovers unconscious blocks, deeply restores the balance of the body from within, reprograms the subconscious mind and guides her clients back to the truth of their Soul & Spirit, for an authentic self-expression, thriving holistic health and an abundant life, from the inside out. 

Her mission is to help individuals sustainably heal from limitations, raise their vibration and expand their consciousness, to live their highest version of themselves.

  • Initiated Spiritual Mentor
  • Certified Meditation Teacher 
  • Holistic Life Coach & Healing Expert.
  • Entrepreneur, Founder & CEO 
  • Slow Fashion Designer



creator, mentor & designer of unfold.YOU 




It was in her darkest moments of her life, grieving the devastating loss of her beloved father where she had difficulty in finding the right help and guidance that she could turn to in order to survive and heal. Broken and shattered in pieces suffering from severe PTSD, deep loss of meaning in life and serious chronic diseases, she had hit rock bottom.

Against any kind of medication or treatment in the medical field she had been seeking for alternative ways of healing but noticed quickly that there weren't much of holistic approaches available. The ones that would treat the whole being and the root cause, rather than treating a symptom with medication. From there on she made it her highest intent to search for true, sustainable and holistic healing modalities. To overcome her obstacles she found herself deeper and deeper in the transformative qualities of meditation.

She knew she was unable to return to her old life and her job in the entertainment industry, which she had been working in for more than 15 years. Following her voice within, which led her on the most profound journey of her life - to Bali, she left everything behind.

Not knowing that this would be the beginning of her very own transformational Spiritual Awakening Journey.
Living and experiencing the sacred land of Bali, that offered her space and everything she urgently needed in order to find peace, tranquility and answers to her questions, she began her path of working her way back into her life. She knew the journey of healing would be a long process but the commitment and the daily practices towards it, were the stepping stones for true inner FREEDOM.

She deepened her meditation and spiritual practice and worked with numerous experts, energy healers, alternative health doctors, neuroscientist and other spiritual mentors on the island. She faced her darkness, her wounds and all her shattered pieces to realize that she became her own healer along the way.

Through her transformational journey she burned her old traumatized and conditioned identity, to rise from the ashes as her very own full spectrum being - the rebirth into the rawest, purest version of herself.

Today she is living her souls true calling and she is the embodiment of true sustainable change and holistically healing from the inside out. She has been able to go beyond suffering and to profoundly heal herself, her traumas and her loss and dedicated her life towards helping others.

Her profound experiences equipped her to navigate others through dark and hard times.

Her mission and reason for living is to help individuals explore themselves and understand who they truly are so they can  break free of suffering & limitations to unfold their full potential and embody the highest version of them selves.  
Through it all she gained exceptional wisdom, knowledge & credentials, collected helpful rituals and tools and designed her own products along the way. - All to help you awake and activate your own inner healer, to transform your wounds into wisdom and to boldly embody your full spectrum being, to truly unfold the limitless potential within YOU. 

She is based in Bali and Germany and works with clients from all over the world. 

  • Initiated Spiritual Mentor
  • Certified Meditation Teacher 
  • Holistic Life Coach
  • Subconscious mind reprogramming expert
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Founder & CEO 
  • Slow Fashion Designer



Overcoming childhood adversity, and her own challenging lifetime expirinences Maja is a well trusted voice and a recognized leader in the holistic healing field. Her own inspirational life story lead her to  he Growing up in a disfunctional environment  through a near death experience at the age of only 14, due to a severe car accident,  touched based with the spiritual realm and became aware to a different dimension of being. Burying this profound intimidating event and moving forward with her recovery she had been struggling with mental & chronic health conditions, without realizing it. Years of internal and external suffering and hard work towards her career goals brought her to America where she had been studying and working in the entertainment industry which she gained good success on.

On a personal level her recurring discomfort, chronic pain, search for answers and hunger for understanding life on a deeper level - made her searching for knowledge, wisdom and healing modalities from an alternative perspective.